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What we offer

3D Parametric Solid Models


These are strictly 3D models that are computer generated via solid modeling software. These models are smart models from which you can do finite element analyses, get physical properties, generate 3D printed parts, create fabrication and manufacturing drawings, generate a multitude of files to share with others, create animations, and any possible image you want for sales and marketing purposes.

Manufacturing and Assembly Build To Print Drawings


These are computer generated dimensioned drawing via solid modeling software. These drawings are generated from the smart models. They are used to fabricate and manufacture parts. They include a full Bill of Materials (BOM) from which you can procure from. Also included on the drawings are notes that pertain to tolerances, treatment and finish, standards for workmanship, and special notes specific to the parts and assemblies depicted in the drawing.

3D Printed Prototypes And Molds


3D prototypes are tangible parts and assemblies that are 3D printed from our solid modeling software generated file. These 3D prototypes are 3D printed to scale, contain a high level of detail, have varying levels of structural integrity based on the type of filament utilized, can be used in working prototypes, have a quick turnaround time, are less expensive than “real” prototypes, and allow you to see and feel your invention and make changes without breaking the bank.

Tangible Working Prototypes


Unlike a 3D prototypes these are tangible parts and assemblies that are actually fabricated from our solid modeling software drawing. Tangible working prototypes are fabricated per the drawing specifications, have a high level of structural integrity based on outputs from finite elements analysis, can be used in working prototypes, have a longer turnaround time, are more expensive than 3D printed prototypes, and allow you to see and feel your invention but are costly when it comes to revising them.

Provisional, Utility, and Design Patent Protection


We have teamed up with IP Co-Op Group who provides superior U.S. Patent and Search Services at competitive prices. Their dynamically qualified patent group brings customer care into each and every new project. Clients appreciate their intuitive workflow processes that yields high quality work  in fast turnarounds.

3D Narrated Animation Videos and 3D Rendered Images


These are 3D videos that are computer generated with the help of our solid modeling software files and various other 3D solid modeling software specifically made for animations and renderings. These 1 to 2-minute videos are animated to showcase the features and novelties of your invention. They are also professionally narrated to explain the features and novelties per your script. They are a great tool for the sales and marketing of your invention.

What We Are About

"We who rise highest lift as we go"
Product development and design first and foremost. Motivated and enthusiastic about getting our projects off the ground as well as other peoples. We thrive on sharing our knowledge and helping like minded "brainstormers" turn their ideas into reality. We enjoy the whole patent process and continue to learn with every provisional and non-provisional patents we help file for ourselves and our clients. We are experts with over 30 years of experience in our craft. We are  a "hands on" type of company. We are professional in and out of the office whether it be on the phone making things happen or in the field getting dirty and doing whatever it takes to get it done. We are always up for a challenge and enjoy surrounding ourselves with like minded people who know things we do not. We are constantly learning and find much joy in the product development process and inventing new cool things to add to the quality of our lives and the world.

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